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specialty spa treatments for pregnancy

anti-fatigue for tired & heavy legs

Treats the legs and feet using a cryogenic ice-effect mask combined with reflexology techniques to reduce swelling, improve circulation and provide relief for tired and heavy legs, restoring a feeling of lightness.

massage for sciatica - zen shiatsu treatment

Sciatica is often characterized through symptoms that cause discomfort in the lower back and legs causing a lack of sleep and restless legs resuting in fatigue and irritability. This is generally caused during pregnancy as the baby grows, expanding the hips and weighing down on the sciatic nerve. We provide a specialty massage technique through our Asian Bodywork therapist to reduce or eliminate the pain associated with this common issue.

body treatments for stretch marks - Decleor Aroma Blend Treatments & Vellashape Body Contouring

Many women are concerned about developing stretch marks during pregnancy. This is a harsh reality and the severity depends upon how well nourished the skin is in addition to other lifestyle choices.

The Spa offers a Decleor Aroma Blend Treatment to help reduce the appearance of stretch-marks. Enjoy a full body exfoliation and special nourishing mask to the hips and abdomen to reduce the development of stretch marks.

Another popular option after baby is the Velashape body contouring treatment which will help to reduce the appearance of stretchmarks while eliminated inches from the waistline. Perfect for the post-baby weight.

weight management & exercise during pregnancy

For many, having a baby is a process that takes a bit of planning. Many of our patients want to be in the best shape before their pregnancy so they can remain healthy throughout the pregnancy and after the birth. The Spa's lifestyle coaches can work with you and your doctor in creating a plan that will prepare you for your pregnancy.

Already pregnant? No problem. The Spa's lifestyle coaches are aware of exercise routines and regimes that keep you and your baby as healthy and safe as possible. This also will allow you to more easily take off the extra baby weight following the birth.

skincare & pregnancy

Many women do not realize the effects that pregnancy can have on your skin. When you are pregnant, your body naturally provides all nutrients to the baby first which means that the many vitamins and hydration that women ingest throughout the day go to the baby first. This can take a heavy toll on your skin, making it appear dull and dehydrated. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of the aging process and this is why it is so important to use proper products. The Spa at Yellow Creek also recommends a hydrating facial around the seventh month to help refresh and tone the skin.

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