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about fibromyalgia

Fybromyalgia mean pain in the muscle fibers and can cause chronic fatigue and pain, making it difficult to live a quality life. Fybromyalgia is commonly indicated through 18 trigger points of the body which are focused on during treatment. There is not any cure for this disease, but symptoms are often alleviated through the use of pain medications or anti-depressants, but there are alternative methods for dealing with these symptoms.

massage for fybromyalgia

Many patients are cautious of massage therapy to assist with relief in fybromyalgia because they are so sensitive to touch. In fact, massage therapy can be one of the most useful treatments for the pain associated with fybromyalgia. Our Asian Bodywork therapist at The Spa at Yellow Creek is well trained on fybromyalgia massage techniques and can help to develop a treatment program that is right for you. Through regular massage, patients experience less pain, increased flexibility and improved sleep patterns.

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